salvaged faith

tr.v. sal·vaged 1) To save from loss or destruction. 2) To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use. Welcome to the blog of Rev. Katie Z. Dawson, United Methodist elder and Field Coordinator for Imagine No Malaria.

Defined by Generosity

Our scriptures this morning show us what it means to be generous. They describe to us people and communities who went the extra mile, who dug a little bit deeper, … Continue reading

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I Believe…

Nearly five years ago, I lead this “Enough” study with my very first congregation in Marengo. I remember vividly how I had planned out the whole series and had all … Continue reading

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Blessings and Boundaries

Oh, how lovely it feels, when we all live in unity, writes the Psalmist (Psalm 133). Grant that we all, made one in faith, may find the wholeness that reaches … Continue reading

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The Shepherd King

Jesus, our King, is a shepherd at heart.

Even at the end, his concern is always for the flock. It is for the lost, and the least and the last. It is for those who have been forgotten.

The rules are only good in so far as they have led us to be shepherds alongside him in the world.

You see, Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and Shepherd of Shepherds and as his people, as his body the church, OUR task is also to care for the flock.

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King and Shepherd #NaBloPoMo

It has been a rough couple of days. Charges were brought up against a colleague in Iowa who officiated a same-sex wedding.  I had far too many interpersonal conversations which … Continue reading

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Singing a song #NaBloPoMo

This fall, a month or so after choir started, I decided to start going with a friend of mine. I love to sing. I can’t say I’m good at it, … Continue reading

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A few grey hairs #NaBloPoMo

Prompt: Do you enjoy growing older or do you fight against it? I am sure my answer will chamge as I age, but I love growing older. In my professional … Continue reading

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What God Has Sown

In this past month, I have found new appreciation for the Apostle Paul. You see, on top of being an apostle and a scholar, a writer and mentor; in addition … Continue reading

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Life’s Not Perfect #NaBloPoMo

It was a lovely day. We slept in. The Hawkeyes won. Friends came over and we binge watched some television (Newsroom is FANTASTIC, btw). I figured out how to do … Continue reading

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One present down #NaBloPoMo

Today, my post follows up on craft night. I finished my crochet project and officially have the first gift of the season done. Pattern from Dabbles and Babbles

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Everything but… #NaBloPoMo

Yesterday I posted about this article I read on the ENFP personality and one characteristic absolutely jumped out at me: 9. Being a HUGE, UNSTOPPABLE FORCE of creativity and productivity… … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m an ENFP after all #NaBloPoMo

Today, I stumbled across an article about the struggles of various personalitites. 25 Struggles Only ENFPs Will Understand | Thought Catalog I feel like I have always wavered between … Continue reading

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How to plan a funeral #NaBloPoMo

Today’s prompt comes from BlogHer Blogging: What knowledge do you have that others don’t? Write a “how to” post about anything you’ve got skills for, small or large. In the first … Continue reading

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