salvaged faith

tr.v. sal·vaged 1) To save from loss or destruction. 2) To save (discarded or damaged material) for further use. Welcome to the blog of Rev. Katie Z. Dawson, United Methodist elder and Field Coordinator for Imagine No Malaria.

Recklessly Lavish, Wastefully Abundant

This past Sunday, I stepped into the pulpit at Immanuel UMC for my first morning as their new pastor. I had actually been in the pulpit before. Working with Imagine … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

As an introvert,  I dont often make small talk with fellow passengers on a flight. Now that you can use a kindle during taxi and takeoff, my nose is often … Continue reading

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With Careful Intention

I have a nasty smart phone habit.  Every commercial break, every need to stretch, every chance I get, I check my phone.  I browse through Facebook posts.  I glance at … Continue reading

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Pen Pals and Pinky Promises

I have never been great at long-distance relationships.  I have no idea how my husband and I made it for two years apart at two different times in our dating … Continue reading

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I think in some ways, I’m still in shock. Or exhausted. or both. At 2:45 on Monday afternoon, we announced that we had raised $2,009,907 for Imagine No Malaria as … Continue reading

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Finding Faith at the Lunch Table

If I think back to the first moment when faith sunk in deep into my life, it would be sitting around a lunch table at Simpson College.  I wasn’t actually … Continue reading

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This week at an annual conference worship meeting, Jorge Lockward, who works with the General Board of Global Ministries asked a simple question:   “Do you have the bandwidth for … Continue reading

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What I am learning as I give up social media for Lent…

#1 – I seek praise, sympathy, solidarity through social media.  The smallest, most insignificant thing could happen and my first instinct is to post it so that other people will … Continue reading

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This Christmas mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in … Continue reading

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Expectations and Realities

Sermon based on Luke 1:39-55 and Matthew 11:2-6 About a year ago, I began working with Imagine No Malaria here in the Iowa Conference, and I have to tell you… … Continue reading

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