Rusty Leftovers

I want to start out this morning with a testimony… This is my experience and I hope and pray that my own story might somehow connect with yours and that the transformation in my own life might point to the way that God might also work in yours.  This testimony however is about a topic

Salt and Light

Last week, I talked briefly about the root of the word, politics… how it refers to the city or the citizen… and how at its core, politics are the relations between people who live in a society.  As Christians who live in this society, we have unique sympathies that guide our engagement in this society.

every piece of the pie

I’ve always liked playing Trivial Pursuit.  The questions were always so difficult, but I like that the game aims to help you be well-rounded in your knowledge.  The goal is to get every single different piece of the pie filled in… only then do you win the game. Maybe that’s because I’ve always been somewhat of


In today’s parable, Jesus is in the middle of teaching his disciples one last time.  He is only days away from his crucifixion in Jerusalem, days away from leaving them, days away from his death.  Jesus wants to make sure they are prepared for life after he is gone. He is asking these people to