the intersection of God and my remote control

I can’t deny that I am a fan of television.  There is something about a 42 minute episode that pulls me in, wraps me its little nugget of truth, and then sets me free to think and ponder.

It is the storytelling that does it.  The way the larger arc of the narrative unfolds over a season or a series, but each episode also is its own self-contained tale.  It’s the conflict and the resolution of a good drama that keeps me coming back for more.  Maybe I am so intrigued because I find it to be an excellent model for preaching… a consistent message that unfolds over time – yet also succinct morals and takehomes that get you by from week to week.  I want to be a better storyteller in my preaching, and television is one of the main ways that we wrap ourselves up around common narratives. 

During the regular season, I would sit at home in front of my television and would be connected with friends and colleagues all across the country who were enjoying the budding romance between Rachel and Finn (Glee), or who were tearing up as Sun and Jin sunk together in the submarine (Lost).  The age of technology has made it possible for us to laugh and cry with people far away over twitter and facebook.

But it is not only about the creation of a shared story and narratives to enjoy.  Woven into these entertaining episodes are also deep questions that we need to wrestle with.  What is the nature of good and evil?  What happens to us after we die? What is the relationship between science and religion?  What can we truly know? Do the ends justify the means? What makes me a good person?  What is faith? Where is God in medicine?  How do we make difficult ethical decisions?  What is family? Who is God?

Over on my other blog, I occasionally take time to write down some of the thoughts that pop into my head after a television show – but that isn’t the sole purpose of “salvaged faith.”   So, I needed a new space to gab about those horrific and awe inspiring moments that catch me off guard from time to time. I needed a new space to really spend some serious time reflecting on the images of God and of humanity that we find on television… a space to navigate with others these entertaining, enlightening, and challenging stories.  Let’s turn the dial… and begin!

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