spring is just around the corner

spring is just around the corner

This evening I placed my order for seeds from Burpee.

I could almost feel the dirt between my fingers as I poured over images and reviews and mapped out the different parts of the garden.  There may be a chill in the air tonight and snow might be in the forecast, but all I can think about is spring and color and the taste of a ripe tomato.

Gardening has really been a spiritual experience for me these past couple of years.  It is hard work, down on your hands and knees, working with the earth.  Watching the miracle of life come from a tiny seed reminds me of the gifts we recieve every day from our Creator.  Nurturing the plants… but mostly pulling the weeds… has reminded me that our faith life needs to be tended as well in order for growth to happen.  I have experienced joy from sharing the fruits with others and simply looking out over that bounty with thankfulness.

This year, my vegetable garden will expand a bit, but I’m still going to use the same basic “bag-gardening” design I started with.

What is new will be flowers.  I have done flowers in the past in the beds leading along the front steps.  But between the tulips and other assorted bulbs I planted last fall and the seeds that I just ordered, there should be color everywhere!

My first big project will be to start the seeds inside.  I have had terrible luck with this in the past.  We dedicate our guest room for the planting – mostly because we can control the temp (nice and warm) and because we can close the door and the cats won’t bother the seedlings that way.  But unfortunately, I tend to forget about things I don’t see.  And forget water and things like that.  Bad for growth.

So I’m mentally wrapping my head around the idea that in two weeks, my gardening year starts.  Those tiny seeds being tended inside will be my babies. And while it’s not as backbreaking work as tending the plants outside, they require dedication and attention and I am going to give it to them!

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