What Could Happen?

What Could Happen?

This summer, my church began a series exploring the work of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.  One Sunday, I asked them to begin imagining what could happen in our community and in our church if we truly let the Holy Spirit guide us and transform us.  Here are their responses:

  • We would be a church on fire… people couldn’t help but join in the infectious joy!
  • our church would “glow” with love – unbelievable!
  • The “church” (people of the church) would be more committeed to each other, the church, the community and the world.
  • a wonderful and peaceful world
  • the church and community would be stronger
  • community outreach and invitation to visit so we have a growing church
  • I believe the spirit exists in all of us – we need the key to unlock the heart, enjoy the treasures above.
  • more peace and good will towards all peoples.
  • love and compassion
  • everyone would come to every worship, bible study, help at VBS, nursing home, MOW.  No one in the church or community would go hungry, be cold. Everyone would feel blessed, and loved.
  • we would be able to do any thing there would be nothing we couldn’t do as God’s disciples and as a church
  • we would all live in love – all anger, hate, jealousy and evil thoughts would be gone.  We all would be brothers and sisters in love – true disciples of Christ
  • we would be a united church in discipleship
  • we would be more connected when we were not confined to the walls of the church alone once a week
  • miracles could happen within our church and beyond
  • we would have more personal reflection and accountability
  • anything and everything
  • move us closer in knowing and doing His will for each other
  • People would truly care for one another
  • Prayer
  • we would be one – working for the glory of God
  • community coming together, working with everyone
  • spread the love and compassion among all  – Pass It On
  • become true Christians
  • we may get along better
  • be more tolerant
  • tithe could fund people who are hungry, homeless, ill, etc.
  • The word of the Lord would be better understood by all of us.
  • Our lives would truly be in the service of the Lord.
  • peace & satisfaction
  • joy and comfort
  • It would set the church on fire to go out and serve others – we would be Christ’s disciples in word and action!

That is a beautiful list…. I want to be a part of this church!!!  I want to be a part of a group of people who are dedicated to truly letting the Spirit into their lives and living out their discipleship and I’m so grateful that I am among people who are ready and excited to take this journey seriously.

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