Life on the Road

Life on the Road

When I accepted the position as a coordinator of Imagine No Malaria, someone asked what it was like to no longer be serving a church.  My response back was that I’m not serving one church… I’m serving nearly 800 of them!

It is exciting to be working with so many new people and communities of faith.  I am learning a lot about how different churches operate and what they expect of the conference… both as far as what they can give and what they receive.  I am finding creative new possibilities, folks who are eager to serve and who have profoud stories to share.  I hear those familiar, tired, overworked and burnt out voices, too… the ones who are hungry for a new injection of life and/or for fresh blood to come in and lend a hand.  I’m witnessing the church with all of its glory and warts.  It is beautiful.

But I am also spending a lot of time on Interstates 80 and 35 and Hwy 20.  My butt is carving out a dent in the driver’s seat of my car.  My trunk is full of flyers and training materials and my backseat is littered with McDonald’s bags.  (I really need to work on finding more out of the way, hometown, local places to eat).  In three days, I’ll be in five different cities doing the work of Imagine No Malaria. It is exciting, but as I type up this post, I’m sitting in a hotel room far from home.  I found myself last week fully expecting to see my cat sitting on the edge of the bed, only to remember I was all by myself.

The trainings I have been leading have been good. I’m learning a lot even as we are building some connections and support in each district.  The more we do, the more I realize how far we have to go.  There is a lot of road left in front of us!

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