What can we learn? #rule44 #umcgc

In plenary this morning, we decided not to pass #Rule44.

I’m disappointed.

I’m disappointed that we won’t get to use the process, but even more disappointed that so many didn’t know what the process was.

And I’m not talking about the content of #Rule44… I’m talking about the information about how it would be implemented.

As I wrote in the wee hours of this morning, I was asked to be a small group leader and ONLY last night were we given the details of implementation. I rushed home to blog, because it was information that was NECESSARY to understanding the process, clearing up confusions, dispelling fears and rumors, and the information simply had not been shared.

So, I’m frustrated and disappointed.

I walked into the break and met a new friend and shared with him the process. The information likely would have changed his vote. I’m emailing him the content when we finish.

My summary is here

So, how did we not have it?

And what can we learn… What needs to happen differently in 2020 or in our annual conferences if we want to try something like this?

All of the information about process needs to be available. It didn’t need to be in the rule, but the small group and facilitation process should have been included as a supplement with the ACDA

Where there is a void, anything and everything else will seek to fill it… Including fear, doubt, speculation, and hesitation.

We could have used it as a tool with delegations as they met to prepare to familiarize them with the process. In that way, the kinks could have been worked out through amendments based on lived experience.

At last night’s training, I heard some among the small group leaders express that the content and the process were good, but that we didn’t have the logistical infrastructure in place to implement it.

If you are going to do something new, you need to think of every detail. The room space. How assignments are communicated. The availability of interpreters.

And that means a well oiled machine working together.

We provided lots of feedback last night, but the reality is, there were uncertainties about whether the changes would it could be implemented in time and if they weren’t, that the process would suffer as a result.

Without this process, we’ll proceed in other ways. Business will be accomplished (I pray).

But I also pray that we will learn and grow and get it right next time.

We have to learn that the logistics are just as important as the process.

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