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Each evening, when deliberations are done, it’s time to head home.

While for most delegates, that has been to a hotel room, sometimes shared with one other person, I am sharing a home with a small group of folks.

We found a place through AirBnB not too far from the convention center. It is a Victorian, in a lovely neighborhood, close to stores and transportation.

And it has been amazing to have a home to come home to.

In college, I lived in intentional community with folks through our “theme house” system. We shared interests and ideals along with milk and bathrooms. Common spaces were where ideas were freely exchanged, debate was encouraged, and at the end of the day we had to figure out how to get along because for the most part we were stuck with each other.

Our living arrangement these two weeks is temporary, but we do have relationship with each other. And it has been wonderful to have common space to reflect and process what each day has brought… And sometimes talk about anything but.

The conveniences of a house are nice… But home really is about who you share it with… And for those folks these past two weeks, I am grateful.

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  • davemc12546

    May 20, 2016 at 2:02 pm Reply

    Hi Katie, we run a bed and breakfast in TN (also on AirBnB) and we love your statement! We love it when folks leave with those kind of feelings about having been here. Blessings to you for your service to our Church.

    Yours, Rev. Dave McIntyre, Ret. Elder TN
    Cascade Hollow Lodge

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