The Peaceable Kingdom

Since the end of September, we have had a guest at the Dawson house… a young female cat named Twiggy. Twiggy belongs to my brother and sister-in-law who are just finishing up ten weeks in Germany getting to know the new company they work for. They also have a black lab, Rachel, but she was


As that short film reminded us, there 65 million refugees and forcibly displaced persons in the world today. That is roughly thirty-two times the number of people who live in Iowa. In fact, if you added up the populations of the whole North Central Jurisdiction of the UMC – both Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa,

Eve Meets Mary

Lately, as I’ve made my way home from work here at the church, I can see the stars in the sky. And it’s not because I’m here until 10pm. No, the days are growing shorter… the air colder… This is the time of year when we are preparing ourselves for the longest night, the winter

Livin’ on the Edge

This morning, we are hanging out in liminal space… That’s a funny word isn’t it… liminal…. Say it with me… liminal.   It comes from Latin and means “threshold.”  It is the space in between.  It is transitional. Our country is in that liminal space between an election and the swearing in of a new

Hopes and Fears

Awaiting the Already. As church, we are exploring this book, written by a pastor who served here in Iowa. And he invites us to look at the Christmas story through new lenses. Over four weeks, we pull apart each gospel: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, and explore what they have to tell us about how


It was a Monday afternoon, in Marengo, and a young woman walked into the church and asked to use the telephone. Not a problem, I said. And while she sat in the office dialing numbers and getting no response, I sat at my desk trying to pick out hymns for worship the next Sunday. Are

Words and lyrics

Everyone is gone for the day. The church is quiet and still. And here I sit, pouring over the words in the hymnal and songbooks. Looking for just the right combination of joy and reflection. Of longing and praise. Of reality and possibility. Of the familiar and the uncomfortable. Sometimes I forget we also have