Shine Like Stars

Imagine No Malaria Guest Sermon – Advent 2   When we lit our advent candles just a few minutes ago, we were reminded that not everything in our scriptures is full of sunshine and roses.  Luke’s vision of the coming Messiah includes terrible signs and distress among the peoples. As the Message translation of these

Love… gotta have it!

The Sunday that I traveled up to Cherokee, my nine-year-old cousin Taylor was baptized. One afternoon, she came home very upset from school. You see, one of her best friends at school had asked her that day if she had been baptized. Taylor wasn’t sure, and her little friend responded: If you aren’t baptized, you

Advent Blog Tour: Day 14

“Las Posadas” by Maria Laughlin As Christmas approaches, we are reminded that a very pregnant young woman and her patient fiancé were once left out in the cold. They made their way to the town of Bethlehem hoping and praying that someone would have a place for them to stay… but there was no room.

Why we are singing Christmas carols this Advent…

There have been a number of interesting conversations going on around how we keep Advent and Christmas. Taylor Burton-Edwards has suggested that what we actually experience is something more like Admastime… leaving the “vent” and the “Christ” out of it completely. In the time that I have known what Advent was… and I have to