Going All In

…many of us are like this dimmer switch up here. We waver in how much light we let out into the world. Our lights are not off completely – but neither are they shining at 100%, 100% of the time.

Come Out the Wilderness

As we started this journey of Lent yesterday with Matthew, we entered the place of wilderness and watched as Jesus wrestled verbally with the devil.  It was a rich dialogue of temptation and power and scripture… with some magical teleportation thrown in there for good measure.  But as Keith Mcilwain reminds us, the devil is


Texts: Genesis 9, Mark 1 This week, we enter the holy and sacred time of Lent. This time of Lent is really a time of blessing – a gift from God that pulls us out of our normal, everyday lives and thrusts us into God’s life. The very idea of being blessed means being set