what we owe God…

I’ve been thinking a lot about atonement theories as we journey through the book of Hebrews in worship. Anselm’s understanding of atonement says that we owe an infinite debt to God because we have marred God’s honor.  Christ comes and pays that infiinite debt for us.  All fine and dandy. Thank you Jesus. But in

Hebrews Part 2: Cut to the Heart

This morning, I want share with you a little video clip that will become for us a parable about what it means to trust in God’s word. http://www.theworkofthepeople.com/hosting_files/theworkofthepeople.com/content/store/images/preview_video.swf?preview_file=/hosting_files/theworkofthepeople.com/content/store/files/previews/V00444.flv&thumb_file=/hosting_files/theworkofthepeople.com/content/store/files/thumbs/system_thumbs/V00444.jpg If we each took some time, we might each find ourselves relating to one of these characters just a little bit more than others. We could ask

Proclaiming the Word

In our passage from Ephesians this morning, we hear two very important, complimentary lessons. First – God is One. There is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Spirit, One Hope, One Body, ONE! A few weeks ago, as I first introduced these elements of worship, we looked at the very simple message that Isaiah


Texts: Genesis 9, Mark 1 This week, we enter the holy and sacred time of Lent. This time of Lent is really a time of blessing – a gift from God that pulls us out of our normal, everyday lives and thrusts us into God’s life. The very idea of being blessed means being set