The Prodigal Steward

This morning’s parable from the gospel of Luke is one of the toughest pieces of scripture in the whole Bible. Preachers all over the country groan when this passage comes up in our three year cycle of readings. It is hard to figure out just what on earth Jesus is talking about. We have the

The Gift of Joy

How many of you are happy all the time? Every waking minute of your lives? C’mon now… raise your hands! No one? No one at all? How many of you are joyful? How many of you have the joy of the Lord in your heart every day? Maybe a few? This morning – we have

what we owe God…

I’ve been thinking a lot about atonement theories as we journey through the book of Hebrews in worship. Anselm’s understanding of atonement says that we owe an infinite debt to God because we have marred God’s honor.  Christ comes and pays that infiinite debt for us.  All fine and dandy. Thank you Jesus. But in