Spirit of Self-Control

Many of you know that I spent some time this spring focusing on my health. I joined a gym, worked out five times a week, and kept to a limited food plan focused on building lean muscle and burning fat. For the six weeks of the challenge, I practiced incredible self-control. And the week after,

The Spirit of Goodness

We’ve heard of goody-two-shoes… Good riddance… Goodness gracious great balls of fire… Goodbye… Things can taste good, we like to read good books and tell good stories. We tell our children to be good and to get good grades. But what does it really mean to be good? The Random House dictionary has 41 different

The Spirit of Community

This summer at Immanuel, we have been exploring how the Holy Spirit shows up in the lives of characters throughout the scriptures. Today, we find two men who have very different attitudes towards the work of God: the sorcerer and the eunuch. Philip is a deacon, a servant of the church, and he encounters lots

The Spirit of Debate

I love to have a good argument!  One of my favorite memories from college was debating with my good friend, Brian Johnson.  We argued about anything and everything… politics, religion, who could marry, why you shouldn’t marry, our favorite philosophers, the best movie, you get the picture.  There was something about a debate with Mr.

Spirit of Household Salvation

Religion is social.  Religion is corporate.  Religion is political. As Christianity spread in the time of the apostles and beyond, it was often not the work of one-on-one conversations and personal confessions of faith, but of corporate conversions… of whole nations turning from one religion to another.  I did some reading this week about the