Six Week Challenge

I stepped on the scale about two months ago and the number was higher than my previous personal highest.  I was busy, in the midst of finishing up writing a book, and knew I didn’t have the time and energy to do anything about it. Now that its a few months later, the book is

every piece of the pie

I’ve always liked playing Trivial Pursuit.  The questions were always so difficult, but I like that the game aims to help you be well-rounded in your knowledge.  The goal is to get every single different piece of the pie filled in… only then do you win the game. Maybe that’s because I’ve always been somewhat of

Pastoral Persona

A while back, Verily put out an article:  Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post Something on Social Media The basic three questions are these: Is it useful? Is it truthful? Is it fruitful? I had shared the article with other pastors because I thought that the three questions raised in the article are