Apps and Folders

How you categorize something matters. It speaks to the importance you place on it and the function it serves. My smart phone has the ability to create folders for my home pages and various apps go in them. I have one for tools (flashlight, calculator, etc.). There is one labeled fun (Netflix, Pandora, and whatever

Competing Goals

One of my goals for this renewal leave was to cook more meals in the evening for myself and my husband. It is something I love to do, and I use about two more pots or utensils than I need and make a lovely delicious mess every time. But I love to cook. I love

Manipulate or appreciate?

Henri Nouwen writes: It is impressive to see how prayer opens one’s eyes to nature.  Prayer makes men [and women, I’d add] contemplative and attentive.  In place of manipulating, he who prays stands receptive before the world. He no longer grabs but caresses, he no longer bites, but kisses, he no longer examines but admires…. Instead of an

The itch

Last week, I got into some poison ivy. First, on the disc golf course as we were looking for a shot that was too long and in the rough. I noticed it after traipsing through. Then, in my very own backyard.  We had a gigantic bush of the stuff, all viney and spread out everywhere.