The Wealth in our Wallets instead of the Well-being of the World

This afternoon I watched the United States join two nations… Syria and Nicaragua… in being the only three nations in the entire world that are no longer signers of the Paris Climate Accord. As I listened to the justifications, what I heard over and over again was the mention of a few economic sectors that

The Hope of the World is Us

The President of the United States is currently weighing whether or not to withdraw our nation from the Paris climate accord. Political leaders within our country are skeptical about the science behind climate change and its causes.  One congressman said this past week: “As a Christian, I believe that there is a creator in God who is

Cries for Healing

“I alone am left. “ That was what Elijah had started to believe in his heart, as Trevor shared with our congregation last week. But Elijah was not alone.  He was not the last of the faithful prophets. In fact, right there in that very cave, Elijah hears the name of the one who would

Changing A Child’s Story

One book at a time, we can change the narrative, change, the statistics, change some lives… My church heard the call issued by our conference Poverty Taskforce to make an impact on generational poverty through literacy. All year, some of us have volunteered as reading buddies at Hillis Elementary and we have worked since Christmas

Reflections a week after General Conference… #umcgc

As Psalm 146 reminds us: human leaders and human institutions aren’t everything.  They won’t save us. We are finite and we make mistakes. Only God is forever faithful. Yet, any denomination or tradition comes from God’s followers attempting to live out their faith and their discipleship together. Fully knowing that we are not perfect, we