We're Afraid to Ask

We don’t like to talk about money. Pastors hate to preach on it. Finance committees only do it because they have to. We keep our records quiet and avoid tough conversations about budgets. And when the time comes for mission work or important projects, we pass around the white buckets and pray someone gets inspired

Imagine 31 Birthdays…

Today is my thirty-first birthday. My work with Imagine No Malaria has introduced me to the faces and stories of children all across the continent of Africa who will never live to see their fifth birthday, much less thirty-one. In fact, of the 655,000 lives lost each year, 85% of those who die are children

Good News and Good Works

I’ve had some conversations recently about the work of Imagine No Malaria from folks who are concerned that we are doing good, but we aren’t sharing the gospel. My first response to that question is to seek out and share more stories about how lives are being changed and, yes, saved, because of the work

Shine Like Stars

Imagine No Malaria Guest Sermon – Advent 2   When we lit our advent candles just a few minutes ago, we were reminded that not everything in our scriptures is full of sunshine and roses.  Luke’s vision of the coming Messiah includes terrible signs and distress among the peoples. As the Message translation of these