Open. #umcgc

I haven’t posted much of substance the past few days. Mostly because there simply isn’t energy to do so. Two mornings ago, the Council of Bishops presented us with a report we asked them to make. We took a break and came back to discuss it and one word expressed how it is with my

Home. #umcgc

Each evening, when deliberations are done, it’s time to head home. While for most delegates, that has been to a hotel room, sometimes shared with one other person, I am sharing a home with a small group of folks. We found a place through AirBnB not too far from the convention center. It is a

Empty. #umcgc

So far at this conference I’ve been given a few nicknames. Mama-Pastor. Interloper. Bridge-builder. I feel called to be United Methodist and I have always felt called to hang out in the middle and help various sides hear one another. Maybe that is why my subcommittee experience was so powerful. We connected across cultures. We

Faithful. Kind. #UMCGC

This afternoon, as General Conference opened with worship, I was moved by the many first languages echoing through our space… One audible witness to the immense diversity of context, theology, and experience in the room. As we approached communion, and partook of the bread and the juice, I returned to my seat and prayed. And