Faithful. Kind. #UMCGC

This afternoon, as General Conference opened with worship, I was moved by the many first languages echoing through our space… One audible witness to the immense diversity of context, theology, and experience in the room. As we approached communion, and partook of the bread and the juice, I returned to my seat and prayed. And


In various ways, the question of representation is present in our culture and in our conversations at General Conference this year. In the midst of a contentious election season, the election of delegates to conventions represent the votes of the people often means a skewing of the actual vote tallies.  For example: Mr. Donald Trump

Legislating Trust #gc2016

I serve on the Rules of Order Committee for our Iowa Annual Conference.  These rules are basically the organizing and structural principles that guide our shared work and life together – both within our 3-4 day conference sessions and for the rest of the year. We’ve been working hard to clarify and “clean up” the