Pride and Humility

I didn’t plan it this way intentionally, but I find it providential that we are talking about humility and pride on the weekend in between our two national political conventions. Each party competes to see who can blow the most hot air and puff themselves up the most. They will talk up their achievements and

Sabbath. #umcgc

Today, we didn’t vote or argue. We didn’t debate or make assumptions. We didn’t get mired in the oft mentioned Robert’s Rules. Today, we rested and worshipped and ate. We explored and laughed. We filled up our tanks and hopefully a bit of our reserves for another five days… God, as you sent your Spirit

Holy Patience

Patience is not a virtue that comes easily to us. We come with short fuses. We are personally invested in our work and our play and we want to see the results of our efforts. But when things start to fall apart, instead of taking the long view – we begin to lose hope, we

Singing for Peace

As we continue to wait for the one who has already come, the birth of Christ into our world and our lives, we are so close we can almost taste it! Maybe your lights are up and the tree is decked out. Maybe there are already Christmas cookies sitting on the countertop and presents under