Prophets and Politics

​ This was incredibly powerful.  Preaching through the prophets this summer, I’m continually struck by the demands for justice that are mandated for ALL of us who want to follow God. Care for the vulnerable, the orphans, the poor, the marginalized. The call to lay our power and prestige aside for another because it’s not

I am NOT a prophet

In 1908, a mining disaster in Monogah, West Virginia claimed the lives of 361 men. 250 of those men were fathers and nearly one thousand children in the area were suddenly fatherless. And along comes Grace Golden Clayton, a Methodist, who had recently lost her own father. She felt a call to do something, to

Changing A Child’s Story

One book at a time, we can change the narrative, change, the statistics, change some lives… My church heard the call issued by our conference Poverty Taskforce to make an impact on generational poverty through literacy. All year, some of us have volunteered as reading buddies at Hillis Elementary and we have worked since Christmas