Pastoral Persona

A while back, Verily put out an article:  Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Post Something on Social Media The basic three questions are these: Is it useful? Is it truthful? Is it fruitful? I had shared the article with other pastors because I thought that the three questions raised in the article are

A Spotlight and a Platform

Martin Shkreli, the man who raised prices on various life-saving drugs purely for profit, testified before Congress recently:   What really struck me in this video, was the plea of Mr. Cummings. He lifted up the truth of the impact of Mr. Shkreli’s actions, but did not merely question or shame or condemn him.  Instead, he


There is a struggle and a tension I have with facebook. If I am going to be honest, it is one of my primary sources of news. It’s a place I get information and get informed and pass along the world to others. And so sometimes, I use it as a vehicle for naming realities

Hopes and Fears

Awaiting the Already. As church, we are exploring this book, written by a pastor who served here in Iowa. And he invites us to look at the Christmas story through new lenses. Over four weeks, we pull apart each gospel: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, and explore what they have to tell us about how