I am just awe-struck by this video! and I’m trying to think about the possibilities for worship…. trust in God? firm foundation? never being afraid to move forward? I’m kind of at a loss for how to use it, but I’ll get there. I’m especially floored by the way the person goes over those areas


oh and in other news – I’ve been really unfocused in my work and my schedule this week. I’m having trouble keeping on task. I think in many ways there are just so many things that are on my mind and I’m not sleeping very well. Prayers for focus and guidance are needed!

perception and judgment

I have been struggling with how we can stretch our minds and start to think of the bible from another perspective within the church. How, in a postmodern world, we can acknowledge the multiple lenses we use to read the bible, without somehow destroying the fact that this is a tradition and a heritage we

telling our story

My friend Kari posted this link on her facebook site: Dith Pran – Last Word. It’s about 6 minutes long, but it’s the story of a man who survived the labor camps of Cambodia and has spent his whole life reminding people of his people’s story. He worked with a NYT reporter and has been

genuine and mutual love

1so, after playing world of warcraft some today I heard for the first time about “two girls one cup.” and I, being the oblivious sort of person I am had no freaking idea of what everyone was talking about. My husband was too grossed out and refused to tell me, so I googled it and