budget hero

I found this site which allows you to make your own governmental budget priorites. Evidently, I did pretty good – well, at least with my own values. My three priorities were “health and wellness”, “green”, and “government efficiency” I not only extended the budget bust from 2035 to 2070+, but I limited the size of


This morning’s gospel passage is not one of those that tend to make us all warm and fuzzy inside. On the surface, it appears to offer no real “good news” at all. But that is because the gospels have this fantastic ability to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable all at the same time.

Theologically Worrisome

I’m procrastinating on my sermom fine-tuning by posting here, but it is something that has been troubling me. If people in my congregation are having thoughts that I feel are theologically worrisome, do I let them continue in them, or just keep telling them my own over and over? Specifically, this is about interpreting the

Friday Five

So, i’ve been hanging out a lot at RevGalBlogPals.blogspot.com when I work on my sermons and prepare for worship and what not. and they have this thing called friday five where there are five things to blog about… so i’m going to start doing it. This week: Free word association with the following words 1.

Despair to Hope

There are only two things that I really want to comment on this morning – and then I want us to turn our hearts and minds to a time of prayer – because Heaven help us, this is going to be a long summer in Eastern Iowa. First of all, I was so surprised last


right now, our state is experiencing the worst floods EVER recorded here. The town that I am serving is so far semi-okay… the levee is holding, but the water is only .7′ below the levee – and all day long, storms have been springing up. Last night, the river was only at 20.1 and now

I Love You, Buddy.

There is a series of videos called Nooma, and they are short 10-15 minute videos with a man named Rob Bell. Rob shares throughout these videos new ways to think about and to experience the Christian faith and he does so in a way that is very accessible for people who are new to Christianity