telling our story

My friend Kari posted this link on her facebook site: Dith Pran – Last Word. It’s about 6 minutes long, but it’s the story of a man who survived the labor camps of Cambodia and has spent his whole life reminding people of his people’s story. He worked with a NYT reporter and has been

genuine and mutual love

1so, after playing world of warcraft some today I heard for the first time about “two girls one cup.” and I, being the oblivious sort of person I am had no freaking idea of what everyone was talking about. My husband was too grossed out and refused to tell me, so I googled it and

grey area.. greys anatomy

I haven’t written in here for a while. Lots going on. Had a young adult clergy retreat this last weekend and really really enjoyed being with other young pastors and just hanging out. It was good to veg for a while. The whole sermon thing is starting to feel like homework. Especially this week. I

roundtable preaching

This past semester I got to work on my senior project with Dr. John McClure, a professor of homiletics at Vanderbilt Divinity. My project has been on the intersection of so-called postmodern church practices with rural churches in Iowa and one of his suggestions, as a homiletician, was that I incorporate some kind of collaborative