long time, no post…

lots has been happening in my life and my church/family life lately – but my main excuse for not blogging is that I haven’t been feeling well. Stupid colds. So far, I have been able to establish a sort of strange routine and get my sermons at least written by Wednesday afternoons. Starting in February,

junk mail and websites

I don’t think I ever realized HOW MUCH junk mail a pastor gets. We get catalogs in the mail EVERY DAY! and tons of paper is wasted on advertisements. Every time I get something in the mail now, I look for a way to unsubscribe from the catalog or ad service. Today, I tried (hopefully

lusting whores in Ezekiel…

Well. I’ve been going to a bible study that meets at the church… not necessarily a bible study really… they gather to read the bible together, out loud, and have snacks. Yesterday morning, Ezekiel 23 happened to be where we were (they are reading straight through… I think they might have started with Jeremiah)… and

and can it be?

i might be getting the hang of this pastor thing… it’s 5:13 on Wednesday and my sermon is finished! Of course, minor editing may come later, but it’s done! My schedule and my time in the office this week has really worked out smoothly… the only question is – can I keep it up?

first series of sermons: thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path… following Christ in the season of Epiphany

okay… so it’s a long title for a sermon series. But I’m starting out this new pilgrimage with my congregation by inviting them on a journey – and the Light of Christ is our guide. Last week we talked about the star that led the wise men to the Christ Child. This week, we’ll talk

first sermon…

I’ve been working on my sermon for days… it was supposed to be done yesterday at the latest, but here I am, on friday night, on my day off, working on my sermon. I don’t even have a proper desk in my office at home yet, so I’m sitting on the floor, laptop on my

last sunday off

so, this weekend was my last one before starting as the pastor of my new church. I thought about forty times about whether I should go to church there, or take the morning off, or go somewhere else. In most cases, a pastoral move is made during the middle of the week and you start