wow, I haven’t blogged on here for a while. I guess that’s what happens when life gets busy and different priorities are set. I really want to get back into this, however, as I prepare for heading back to Iowa… yeah, I’m doing that in a few months, and I have been appointed to a

e-word #3

In the last e-word, I shared that there are two kinds of good news: the news that Jesus brings to us, and the news about Jesus the Christ. But what do you do with that good news? How do you even begin to share it with the world? You may have noticed that West End

the e-word #2

At the end of my last column, I wrote, “to be an evangelist is simply to share the good news of God with the world.” But before we even look at how we do that sharing, what exactly is the good news? If we looked to the culture, if we tuned into any sporting event,

the e-word #1

I’m going to post here as well an article series that I am doing for the church on evangelism – the “e-word” This summer, my ministry here at West End is shifting, as I focus less on our young adults and college students and more on that unfortunate ministry of evangelism. I say unfortunate, because

why “salvaged” faith?

i’ve been struggling lately… deeply deeply struggling with how to be faithful to my experience of God and my experience of the church in the vocational path i’m am currently treading.3 weeks ago, i was commissioned as a probationary elder in the united methodist church. and i love my tradition. and i feel called by