shopping… again

We shopped til we dropped… again. This time with my brother and then later my mom. Christmas shopping is officially done! We still don’t have internet or cable – and we are REALLY missing it. I’m typing out all of these entries on my computer with the hopes of entering them sometime in the future.


Brandon headed into Cedar Rapids to drop off his car at the shop (stupid check engine light) and bring a bunch of stuff from his dad’s house down. We are now closer to furnishing our big house! (if only we could sort through the boxes of memorabilia and clothes and books he had in storage

move-in day

Today was move in day. We actually spent the night on an air mattress last night, all alone in our big huge empty house. While the movers came about noon, we had church members at the house about 8am – shoveling the sidewalk from the recent ice storm and bringing over tons of food. We’ll