Winter is Over!

Before our Christmas traditions took hold, there were other festivals in the northern hemisphere among folks who were tucked in for winter.  The crops had been harvested and stored, the work was done, and they celebrated…  But in one of the pieces I read this advent from a writer named Gayle Boss,  I was a

Livin’ on the Edge

This morning, we are hanging out in liminal space… That’s a funny word isn’t it… liminal…. Say it with me… liminal.   It comes from Latin and means “threshold.”  It is the space in between.  It is transitional. Our country is in that liminal space between an election and the swearing in of a new

Never Go Hungry

We are gathered here tonight, as one community of faith, to give thanks. Throughout this month, I’ve been preaching about gratitude and giving thanks and one of the things that we have highlighted is that God wants us to give thanks for the differences among us.  It is only by being grateful for someone you