Prayers from a child's love

Prayers from a child's love

Holy One,
You often turn my understanding upside-down.
Just as I catch a glimpse of you in the chaos, you become a calm breeze.
When I am just getting to know you in the dirt and the garden, I am stretched to meet you in the hospital or the city street.

Yesterday,  you surprised me in the fierce love of a child.

I’m familiar with your parental love: guiding me, pushing me, wanting to see my full potential – the potential you gave to me – lived out.

But I had not made the connection until yesterday with how you also love as a child.

My nephew and I are bff’s. He is three and funny and awesome. And before I had even opened the door to his house yesterday I could hear his voice: Aunt Katie!  Aunt Katie!  Aunt Katie!

I was told that as soon as he got up, he was asking about me. An hour later,  I was on his mind. His love is pure, full, exuberant.It astonishes me.

Holy God,  I am humbled by remembering that I am on your mind,  too.
You know my waking and sleeping.
You are eager to see me.
You are calling out for me before I’m even ready.
You are genuine and fully present,  and you love me.
You want to sit by my side and talk to me.
You want me to be a part of what you are doing in this world.
You grab me by the hand and tug me into your joyful kingdom.
You are stubborn and relentless and I know eventually I’m going to have to give in.

Keep loving me with reckless abandon. Keep loving me with the ferocity of a toddler.  Keep at me, God… you know you have my heart.

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