24 hours in Prague #NaBloPoMo

24 hours in Prague #NaBloPoMo

Last year, my brother was living and working in Germany and they had a new addition to the family. So of course we had to go visit.

I had been to Europe back in college, so Germany wasn’t completely new to me. However,  I had never experienced it with my parents. And I simply couldn’t be this close to my roots in the Czech Republic for a second time and not go.

Because there were eight of us, we rented a vehicle and took along my brother’s car for a quick weekend excursion. We made it to Plzen in time for a late lunch. The dark bread on the table was delicious and we had a great laugh when we asked for some butter and they brought out more than a pound.20130329_154336


From there, we drove to Prague and our first stop was the Zizkov Tower. Somewhere along the way, our family name is connected, but it is also a stunning landmark, with strangely awesome modern art, and such a great way to see Prague at sunset. 20130329_18342520130329_183920











Only then did we find the place we had booked for the night. A two bedroom apartment, across the street from St. Nicholas Church and just blocks from Charles Bridge. It was stunning. We ate a late dinner at the cafe under our apartment,  walked the bridge,  stopped for a glass of beer and listened to some musicians in the pub.










The next morning we hoped for an early start to take in as much as possible.  Most shops were still closed, but we managed to buy kolaches from McDonald’s of all places. Armed with a map, some change for the bus and our walking shoes, we crossed everything off our list. We watched the astronomical clock hit 9.


20130330_073824 20130330_100256












We explored the Easter festival on the square. We made it to the Prague Castle and marveled at the cathedral.  It was an incredible day. 20130330_10183320130330_140513






Before even 24 hours were gone, we were back in the cars and on our way back to Germany… but it was 24 hours I will never forget.


Written for the prompt: write about a trip that you have taken, that may not have turned out as you expected,  but was nevertheless a gift.

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  • sarahbuildsbridges

    November 6, 2014 at 6:36 am Reply

    My favorite city on the planet… Spent just a bit over 24 hours there for my 30th birthday after having been there for several days almost exactly 15 years before! So glad you had this day!

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