King and Shepherd #NaBloPoMo

It has been a rough couple of days.

Charges were brought up against a colleague in Iowa who officiated a same-sex wedding.

I had far too many interpersonal conversations which left me kind of exhausted.

And in the midst of if, I sometimes wonder what my role is as a pastor.  Am I the chief administrator at the church? The head prophet?  The comforter?

I’m struck by how Jesus navigated the expectations and roles in his life. Tomorrow,  we celebrate Jesus was both our King and Shepherd. But it wasn’t like he took off one hat amd put on the other. He was always a King who ruled like a shepherd: from the middle of the people, leaving the flock to save the lost, concerned about the individual lives of people more than the laws that governed the Kingdom.

So which hat is my primary hat? And how will it change every other role in my life?

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