Things you can't plan…

Things you can't plan…

This Sunday, I wanted to share with the children that the gifts we have are meant to be shared.  I invited them to imagine what would happen if they were given a dollar, or found a dollar on the ground.  I held out four quarters in my hand.

“What can you do with a dollar?” I asked.

Would you believe that the first five answers I received were that we should save it?

Even when we started thinking about things to buy, one of the children wanted to buy a piggy bank.

So smart, those kids.

So we put one quarter aside to save.  God wants us to be wise.

Then we talked about the people that we could help with our money.  We talked about how God gave us this gift so that we can help other people, and so we put one quarter aside to give to God.  We can put that money in the offering plate, or in our buckets to raise money for Women at the Well, or to someone who needs help.

And then we talked about the fact that we still have TWO quarters left.  And that means that by the grace of God we have 50 cents more than when we started AND we are saving something AND we are helping God.

As a reminder that what we have is truly a gift, I gave each young person a quarter.  I told them they could do with that quarter whatever they wanted.

One of the littlest among the group promptly stood up, marched back to the altar table, and plunked her quarter in the offering plate.

Praise be to God.

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