Building Structures from the ground up

Building Structures from the ground up

This weekend, I started to unpack boxes of books in my new home office.  My large and spacious home office with built-in bookshelves + church office with a wall of shelves just doesn’t quite fit neatly into my new 9′ by 12′ space.  Especially since I only have one small bookshelf left over from college.

But I unpacked the books anyways.  I needed to see what I had in order to know where it would go.  I had piles of theology books, biblical studies, pastoral care, leadership, spirituality… etc.  As I thought about the work of my new position, the leadership and ecclesiology books went on said bookshelf and my biblical studies books found a place on the top shelf in my closet (still accessible, but I won’t need them every day.

After looking at the space and what we needed, Brandon is building me a bookcase to sit low and long under the window.  I’ll have room for pictures and communion pieces on the top and room for most of the rest of my books underneath.  We are hanging shelves for paper and file storage on another wall.  We are building the foundations for what I’m going to need to make the most of my space and resources.


As I think about this work as a field coordinator, right now I’m building a lot of foundations, also.  I think I have a fairly good idea of what we need and where we are going.  I’ve laid out all of the pieces of the puzzle and can see what its going to entail.  Now we just need to build the actual structure to hold it.

My job for this time means I’m on the phone and sending emails… alot.  I’m seeking out volunteers.  I’m building networks of relationships.  I’m getting the right people resources in place so that we have a structure to do some amazing work out of.  Gradually, it is coming together… but I think it is going to be a lot more work than simply building some shelves =)

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