cans of beans

cans of beans

Tomorrow, we are hosting both my husband’s mom’s side of the family and my family for a big Thanksgiving meal.  There is a 22 pound bird in the fridge and all of the fixings are ready to go.

But as much as I cook during the week and as much as I watch those fancy chef shows on television and pour over recipes on Pinterest, pretty much all I am doing for this meal has been done.  I opened four cans of beans and two cans of cream of mushroom soup, mixed them up in a dish and popped them in the fridge for tomorrow.

My husband likes to cook big meals.  He likes to fuss around with the turkey.  And he doesn’t want new recipes and fancy stuff… he wants traditional, as we remember it from growing up, Thanksgiving dinner.  He planned the menu and put together the ingredient list and decided where to shop.  And I’m trying my hardest to stay out of his way.

You see, we are both strong personalities and stubborn and we like to be in charge in the kitchen.  I would absolutely do things differently.  And it’s not that there is a right or wrong way between the two of us… the huge and awesome meal we will have tomorrow will be delicious and perfect… and… well, to be honest, I might have some successes and failures with my wild experimentations (as the hallway smoke detector can attest).  And so rather than fuss or suggest other things, I’m going to pull out all of those other recipes here and there during a normal, everyday meal, and I’m going to not butt in.  I’m going to enjoy the time with family without having to worry about whether the marshmellows on top of the candied yams are burning.  That’s his problem 😉

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are full of delicious food and just full to the brim with stories and memories and time with family.

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