Prayers from the dust

Prayers from the dust

On my knees
Laid low
I am nothing
I am but dust and ashes
I am the stuff of the earth

And yet somewhere in me there is a spark.
A spark that dares
A spark that yearns

When Abraham dared to seek You, Oh Lord God Almighty
was he really humble
Or did he feel that spark, too?

We are but dust.
But You breathed life into us.
You are present in us.
Stirring… calling… pushing.

Is the fast You choose for us to bow low?
Or are You waiting for us to stand…
Stand and speak out.
Stand and act.
Be hands and feet in this world of hurt and pain and death.
Cry out for justice.
Do something.

I know I am dust, Lord.
But help me to understand what it means to be yours.

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