Invitation to Conversation and Discernment

Invitation to Conversation and Discernment

conversationHi folks,

This year at our Iowa Annual Conference one of our major topics of discussion will be the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of our Iowa Conference.

As part of getting people across the conference to think/pray/discern where we are heading with this document, I’m hoping YOU might think and write about the document this next week.  I want to invite you to prayerfully read the full document and craft your response.  If you blog, let me know where and when your post shows up!  If you don’t blog, I would love to invite you to be a guest on my blog and will share your responses.

In this exercise, some questions we might wrestle with are:

  • What kind of difference would this make in the Iowa Annual Conference?
  • What are the obstacles to passing the vision/mission/priorities?
  • What are the obstacles to living them out?
  •  What are some lingering questions you have or places you feel led to push back?
  • What excites you? What inspires you? What stirs your soul so that you can’t wait to get started?
  • What are we missing?

Up front disclosure: I was on the writing team for this project and have spent a lot of time invested in the work. It’s not perfect.  It isn’t even really finished… that will happen on the floor of the Annual Conference as we adopt the priorities and then work to perfect the goals as a legislative body… and even then, we are creating a working document.  I’m hopeful and prayerful that God truly is leading us outside of our old structures and into a new reality – focused on relationship, mission, discipleship, and life in our community. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have and/or talk about where I’m still struggling!!!

I’m not looking for your approval, but your deep engagement and conversation… and to invite those who respond in your own circles to do the same.  I want us to be as informed, prepared, and above all SPIRIT LED as we get to the actual conversations on the floor of annual conference as we can be.  And that takes connection and holy conversation. 
PLEASE seek out others who are writing and read and interact with their thoughts and responses!
PLEASE invite others to blog also!  And if you have friends/colleagues/church members/neighbors who don’t blog, invite them to write a guest post for your blog to broaden the engagement!

All in all… thank you.  And let me know when you post next week so I can link your posts and share them broadly.

All Shall Be Well,

Katie Z.

p.s. I hope this might be the start of deeper connection among the bloggers in our conference, as well! 

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  • […] Katie Dawson at Savaged Faith challenged/asked readers to be involved in a conversation regarding these topics. We, you (both of you) who read this blog and I will be participating in this much-needed conversation. These priorities will be used to determine the direction we take as United Methodists in Iowa, with our ministries and financial support. In the next day or so, as I update this blog, I will blog about my feelings on these priorities. You can participate too by commenting, writing a post in your own blog linking to this article, or you can have this forum and write a guest blog here on Speaking of Grace. […]

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