NaBloPoMo… National Blog Posting Month

I’ve been out of the habit of writing on a regular basis, so this is going to be a great practice for me!

Today, I’m following a prompt from RevGalBlogPals to blog about a group of friends that have been a part of my life.

I have known some of the ladies in this group since I was in Kindergarten, others since third grade and beyond. But our lifelong pact was sealed on a summer afternoon in our teenage years when we painted some initials on an old mailbox.

We were hanging out and creating a little space of our own on a friends’ property. We had walked there through the cornfields after that last day of school and were getting ready to kick off an amazing year. I’m not sure where the mailbox came from, or even what we did in the space the rest of the year, but I remember how we spent an hour rearranging the initials of our names to finally find the perfect word: JSTACK.

Since then, we made it through high school and a few relationship ups and downs. We had similar friends and three of us took the same guy to dances at various points. We laughed and cried. We made the stupidest videos (thank God YouTube wasnt around yet). And then we graduated and went separate directions. 

We never lost each other, however.  And now, after 20 years of friendship, we have a yearly weekend gathering. Every time we walk in that cabin door, we pick up where we have left off. Relationships, children, graduate school,  moves, career changes… Through it all, we know who will always be there for us. No matter what.


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