Out of the Mouths of Children

Out of the Mouths of Children

I spend a good chunk of time every week preparing to preach the word of God through liturgy choices, attention to hymns, exegetical work, praying, listening, dreaming, and writing.


And I forget sometimes that I need to hear the good news preached, too.

I am, after all, just as human as the rest of the world.

When you are the one responsible for bringing the word each week, you aren’t always sure where to look and you don’t always have time to seek it out.


Sometimes, the gospel shows up on your desk.


In a little bundle of notes, all folded into one another, with instructions: Open one at a time until you reach the end.


Notes about prayer, and faithfulness, and trouble and hurts, God’s love and grace, the cross and the thorns.


All ending with the simple reminder:



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