Confession of faith

I confess…

Tonight our confirmation students were asked to state their faith. To imagine that they had been arrested for their faith and had to write their confession for their “crime”.

And, it’s important for all of us as adults and teachers and mentors in the faith to do the same.

As I think about my confession, I really do believe in the power of God to transform this world.

I see signs of love and mystery all around me in creation and in the lives of other people. And I see so many ways that we have completely failed to take care of the gift of this world and one another.

I confess that I have been part of that failure. I confess that my church has been part of that failure. And I confess my sincere desire to live differently.

I confess that I believe God wants to help us find abundant life and sent leaders and prophets, strong men and women to speak a word of hope and possibility. I believe that God came to show the way as Jesus… Flesh and blood and as much as the world wanted and needed the message of transformation, we crucified him. But our NO to God was trumped by God’s YES to us… And not sin or death can stop the love of God.

I believe Jesus rose from the grave and I believe eventually we will die and will rise again. I believe in between, we have a chance to do the best we can to learn from and to follow Jesus every day of our life.

I believe through the Holy Spirit we can heal. I believe we can conquer addictions and sins. I believe God has called me to be light to the world and yeast in the lives of others and to make trouble for those who are making trouble for the least of these. And if I get arrested for those things… Then I’m probably doing exactly what God has called me to.

And I confess that not having been arrested for my faith, I sometimes feel like I’m probably not doing enough and I’m probably a bit too comfortable and fearful to really step out and stand up against evil, injustice, and oppression.

You know… The things we are asking our youth to stand and say on confirmation Sunday.

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