Prophets and Politics

This was incredibly powerful. 

Preaching through the prophets this summer, I’m continually struck by the demands for justice that are mandated for ALL of us who want to follow God. Care for the vulnerable, the orphans, the poor, the marginalized. The call to lay our power and prestige aside for another because it’s not about “me” but “we”. 

Many in my newsfeed have commented that this is what we used to hear from the Evangelicals on the right… but that our whole political spectrum has shifted SO far to the right that the Democratic party bow occupies the space that the party of Reagan did 30 years ago. 

Perhaps that is part of the frustration of the Bernie supporters who are standing in the place the Dems used to be…. 

and the frustration of Republicans who can’t identify with the Tea Party or Trump because they still stand where the Republicans used to be. 
So shift away from parties for a second. 

Look at the candidates (all of them) and if you are a person of faith, concerned about reviving the moral heart of the nation, not just on one or two issues, but across the board… take time to explore the actual positions and plans of the candidates before you vote. 

Ask which platforms and goals will help us live more fully into the kind of people God wants us to be… or we wanted to be when that Constitution was written…

You might not end up agreeing with the conclusion Rev. Dr. Barber, II reaches… but at least you will have done this heart work yourself. 

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