Church Clothes #NaBloPoMo

I was never someone who was really concerned about style growing up.  I had some hand me down outfits from cousins, I wore a lot of t-shirts and jeans.  I remember a pair or two of stirrup pants in there.  Fashion wasn’t my thing.

As an adult, however, I’m starting to lean into fashion.

I think part of it has to do with being in a semi-professional type of position, standing in front of folks who are dressed for church on a regular basis, and wanting to be taken seriously in my work… in spite of my age and gender.

I never quite knew what to wear to my first church.  It was the county seat of a rural community and people came to church in everything from sweatpants to suits. How do you dress in that situation to help everyone feel comfortable?  How do you dress so you aren’t ever “above” or “below” someone?  I got very comfortable in nice jeans and a jacket… or a dress with more casual shoes.  And to be honest, I have kind of stayed in that place.  Casual chic? Dressed down dresses?  oh, and lots of accessories….

My first day at my new church, in my position as the lead pastor, I walked in wearing this sleek black dress, black heels, and I straightened my hair.  I wanted to make an impression.  I wanted to let the world know that I was serious business. And I felt so completely overdressed all day long.

I have mostly drifted back to my casual, but “fashionable” wardrobe. I have discovered I love dresses and skirts because they really can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. I’m trying to simplify my basics and expand the accessories.

But can I tell you… there is nothing better on Sunday morning at church than being able to put a robe over whatever I’m wearing that day.  It takes off all the pressure.  It takes away all the comments.  It allows me to simply preach and do my job without anyone, including myself, worrying about what it is that I’m wearing.

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